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Since the The Cash Back App implemented Kentico back in 2014, the company have been able to service their customers more effectively and efficiently than ever. It was required that TCBA needed more than just a website, but a relationship with a professional digital agency that will assist in all facets of their Digital Strategy including design, platform, security, strategy and ongoing support and maintenance. Microsoft Azure’s hosting services has allowed for easy building, testing and deploying, and supports the programming languages, tools and framworks needed for the company and its website. Microsoft Azure has improved on business funding, aswell as saving the business hugely on funds. The installation process was effective and delivered the correct server environment for TCBA.

  • The Cash Back App

Goals and Results

The overall project aim was to bulid and customise the website to cater for the sites rapidly growing users, and to redesign the site aswell as the smart phone app. The website had 7,000 users and needs to have a capability to cate for growth
  • Join a hosting platform that allows for easy deployment
  • Customers to access the members portal feature on the online app
  • Include several blogs and content sections
  • Create a system that can securely back up the company’s data
Kentico has been able to take on the company’s large service load, and has provided more security for their data base. One of the many beneficial increases to the business after launching with Kentico, was increased traffic. More visitors to the site was noticed, and soon we will be able to track an average visit duration when their new featured app is launched at the end of this year.
• An increase in sales, online bookings, and donations continue
• An increase in traffic
• An increase in average visit duration is expected to rise 50% when the new app is launched
• An improvement in social media engagement is also expected

Working with WDM has been amazing. There hasn’t been anything that they can’t do, and they are Kentico experts

David Hennessy, Chief Technology Officer | TCBA

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